Carefully designed, data and feature rich,
fully configurable and battery efficient
premium watchface

Neat Weather

Neat Weather

Carefully designed, data and feature rich, fully configurable and battery efficient premium watchface

Carefully designed. Customization?
Change anything you want!

The watchface uses antialiased pro graphics to get impressive results even with the limitations of the hardware in graphics display. Obtaining a modern and smartwatch-like look, while preserving the essence of a sports watch. Also, it is fully customizable so it can suit your likes and match your style!! Our registered users can change from the settings menu almost every graphical aspect of the watchface! Language, Colors, font sizes, units, data format, data presentation...!

Neat Weather watchface in a nature field, in winter

Get all the data you need at a glance, with a clear layout and tons of features

Get the most out of your GARMIN device, and bring all its data and indicators to live. Neat Weather watchface make them availabe and easily readable thanks to its clear layout. Take them with you, when you need accurate information of your body metrics, and your environment data, at a glance. The watch face features rich date/time functions, location data in various formats, indicators, complete current weather information and up to 5 fully configurable data fields to chose from 14 different indicators. Our registered users can easily customize from the settings menu any field, information, measure unit, etc. they want to display, on the location field, weather data widget, or the custom data fields...

Neat Weather watchface main features graphic
Neat Weather watchface in a nature field, in autumn

We took battery efficiency to a new level with optimized drawing routines

Neat Weather watchface was coded with real care in battery efficiency. We have fully optimized every line of code, and it results in a very efficient watchface, despite of the amount of data that it shows and all the functionality. Registered users can gain further benefit from the use of our "optimized drawing routines", that improve battery efficiency way even more!

Neat Weather watchface Go Green battery efficient banner

So... What do you have to say?

We love to hear from you! We take very seriously your feedback, comments and reviews. They help us a lot improving the watchface and making it even better and more useful. So please visit Neat Weather watchface @ GARMIN's Connect IQ Store and leave your feedback in the "reviews" tab!

This is what our users say about the watchface... won't you share your opinon??

  • The Neat Weather watch face is awesome! It has all the data I want to look at on one watch face. It is arranged the way I like it as well. If you want an awesome watch face, this is it!

  • Quadrante completo e veramente bello TOP!!!

  • Best watch face out there, clean interface with all the data you need on one screen. Highly recommended

  • Best watchface I have ever used since wearing garmin devices. Worth the small payment. Maybe the dev will take into consideration developing an analog face. That'd be awesome!

  • I don't need other watch faces any more. All informations in one compact screen, nice design and many options how to personificate the screen. Thank You!

  • Best watchface so far and only one that i decided to pay for. Super fast support, a lot of settings/personalization possibilities. Thanks for great work guys!

  • Great watch face. The battery efficiency is no lie, it actually does improve the battery life. I thought something was wrong with my battery, but after installing this watch face i am back to what i was getting when new. Face is clean, but provides a lot of information. I usually don’t purchase watch faces, but this was a decent way to splurge $2.50.

  • Nothing to say just the best watchface I've done so far, plus the last update fixed what I wanted to ask (are you reading our mind?). Do not hesitate to take the prenium for its work because it is really successful and the longevity of the battery is unbeatable. Just if it was possible to be able to have all the colors for everything that would be great. Rien a dire juste la meilleure watchface que j'ai procédé jusqu'ici, en plus la dernière mise a jour a réglé ce que je voulais demander ( tu lis dans nos pensées ?) . N hésitez pas à prendre le prenium pour son travail car c est vraiment réussi et la longévité de la batterie est imbattable . Juste si c était possible de pouvoir avoir toute les couleurs pour tout ce serait génial .

  • This is my new go to watch face, great clear and uncluttered layout with just the right amount of customisation options.

  • Best face I’ve found so far. After donation managed to create my own setting and will stay with it. I can see all the data I need at once. Thanks.

  • This is the most aesthetically pleasing and amazing design I've ever seen !!! Seriously ... Nothing usually surprises me. But now I have goosebumps and electricity is spreading in waves through my body. I'm shocked by the sketch. I see that serious, stubborn work has been done with love for business and people Thank you so much for these feelings!!!

  • Very nice Watchface and the service to get the code is really kind. Great job.

  • Me encanta este esfera para mi reloj, todo lo que necesitas saber en la misma pantalla, muy buena 100% recomendable.

  • Then name speak itself. It's neat. Clear. And quite configurable. Look almost like modern smartwatches despite limitations of hardware. Free version give you enough of a test to be sure you want to donate and have paid one. Props to developer.

  • Best looking face out there! Personally I love having all that data at a quick glance.

  • Great watchface, displays all the information I want and has great battery life. Also the developer answers quick to support requests and also adds suggested features from users to the watchface. Thanks for the great work.

  • Absolutely Perfect! Great on battery and has everything you need. Excellent job from the developer. Thank you.

  • Well written, versatile, with all of the right information one would want in a watch face. The developer is very responsive to suggestions. Thanks for the great watch face. Keep up the great work!

  • This what i have been looking for a long time. Best watch face.

  • I've been looking for that perfect watch face for a long time. I have been VERY happy with this one. It is the only one I have paid for and have been happy with my purchase

  • Un superbe cadran, à la fois très lisible, complet, paramétrable et de plus très économe en batterie. Régulièrement mis à jour par petites touches qui le rendent encore plus agréable à utiliser.

  • This is the Goldie locks of watch faces. Once you become a registered user you can pretty much fully customize the face. It has all the info I want without the other weird fluff. So thankful to find this one!

Get ready for some action!

If you want to see how our design looks like live, please, take a look at the review of the watchface that "Jabber Tech", the tech reviews youtube channel made. Please note that some features and graphical items may differ from the actual version, as the watchface is continuosly adding features and improving its design and functionality!!